Posted on July 23, 2019

Cheap and Easy Pac Man Pinata

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When the youngest wanted an 80s party I nearly fall off my chair. Child you are really an old soul. But let’s be honest the 80s were amazing.

Pinatas are big business. You see them all over the place and if you look on Etsy you can get some pretty amazing ones.

I tried to make on with a giant balloon and paper mache-EPIC fail! So I moved onto plan B.

A paper lantern Pac Man Pinata.

This really is an easy as pie type of crafting project. I actually had some leftover paper lanterns in the loft as well as yellow plastic table cloths we used last year for Hiffys Rapunzel party which I ‘fringed’ and used to decorate the Pac Man. I then made two eyes….and Pac Man was born.

To replicate our Pinata you will need:

One paper lantern (I used a medium sized one-20 cm). You can pick one up at a Pound store (cost: £1.00)
1 rectangualr plastic table cloth in yellow-£1.65 off eBay
Fringing scissors-I bought a pair of ‘security scissors’ which are used to shred addresses etc on paperwork before throwing them in the recycling. You can pick up a pair for £2.99 including postage on eBay.
Piece of stern card (mine was A5 and I trimmed it down a bit)
Duct tape (if you have it; which I did).
Some strong string/rope to hang the Pinata
Stuff to place inside the Pinata.
A stick and mask to smack it with (we got ours from Tesco for £2.00)
Fillers: we used a large bag of party fillers from Wilkos and a large bag of sweets that cost £4.99 from Home Bargains. We actually had leftover sweets which I re-use for another Pinata.

The how to:

1) Set up your lantern. Cut HALF the table cloth into 8 cm strips. The length doesn’t matter as much as the width.
2) using the fringing scissors cut into the strips and create your lovely fringe.
3) Place the card carefully into the lantern. Using the duct tape secure into the bottom of the lantern. Ensure it’s completely secure. You can also stick some tape to the outside too to give it extra protection.
4) Now starting at the bottom and cellotape strips of the fringe to the lantern. I cellotaped them in ‘rows’ to ensure all the lantern was covered. This method worked for me.
5) Repeat until you cover the lantern.
6) Glue on the eyes.
7) Now add your goodies to the Pinata. I used a bag of party favours and a large bag of sweets that cost £4.99. This still made my Pinata cheaper than the ones on Etsy.
8) Attach the string or rope to the Pinata and tie it to something secure.
9) Your Pinata is ready to go.

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